School Uniform

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.

School uniform symbolises the special identity of the school. Students should come in clean, neat and presentable uniform. Fashionable haircut, long hair for boys, hair colouring are not permissible. Girl students should not use fashionable hair clips, bangles, kajal, nail polish, lipsticks and powder on face. Girls whose ear are pierced may use inconspicuous ear studs/ ear ring. Boys are not allowed to pierce their ear and sue ear studs. Wrist watch is allowed for the students of junior high school. Painting tattoo, threads on wrist, finger rings, jewellery, coloured contact lenses and sun glasses are not allowed. Short socks (ankle socks) are not permitted Wearing of identity card is must during school hours.

Week days: Sky blue shirt (full sleeve), navy blue trouser, white knitted cap, black leather shoes, black socks, school belt.
Friday: white shirt (full sleeve), white trouser, white knitted cap, white canvas shoe, white socks, school belt.
For winters: In addition to the above navy blue sweater (pullover) and navy blue blazer.

Week days: Navy blue tunic (covering knees), sky blue blouse (full sleeve), white scarf, black knee length socks, black shoes, black ribbon, school belt.
Friday: white tunic (covering knees), white blouse (full sleeve), white scarf, white knee length socks, white canvas shoes, white ribbon, school belt. Girls over 10 years will wear white shalwar. Students from class VII onwards will wear sky blue jumper, white shalwar and white scarf.
For winters: In addition to the above navy blue sweater (pullover) and navy blue blazer.

Note: Students enrolling as new admission are allowed to wear the old school uniform or home clothes for a maximum period of one month from the start of new academic year.