Examination and Internal Assessments

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.


  1. Unit tests
  2. Practical
  3. Projects
  4. Activity based learning
  5. Examination
The examinations are conducted to judge the progress of students through written and oral test. However focus is to evaluate the competency, knowledge and the skill levels of the students by involving them in discussion, debate and other knowledge based activities.

The class room teaching alone is not sufficient to build, nurture and shape the inherent skills, effective communication, confidence and ability to take initiative and responsibility.

There is no regular routine examination at the primary levels. The primary classes follow a process of continuous evaluation on the basis of the work done in school and follow up done at home. At the end of academic year the evaluation grades are given to students based on teacher's own continuous observation of the students.

The Academic year is divided in to two session. At the end of first session Half Yearly Examination are conducted and at the end of the second session Annual examination are conducted. The evaluation of performance is based on the total marks obtained in term test as well as in the two examination. Students must obtain 40% marks to pass in an examination.

Promotion to the next class is not denied to any student up to Class 8 according to the Government Policy of Completion of Elementary Education.

To appear in examination the student must have 80 % attendance and clear all dues of the school.

The planning and execution of project require student’s efforts and teachers inputs. The topics are selected based on class room teaching, current topics and future plans. Planning the assignment, collection of data and compilation requires individual effort and guidance by the teacher. The projects optimize the existing potential skills and develop process of thinking and imaginations of students. The dates of submission of projects will be announced by the respective class teacher.